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There are many songs about life and dancing. One particular song comes to mind. Life is a Dance you Learn as you Go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. As a result, we have to learn to walk before we can dance. We fall many times as infants when learning this new way of mobility. As we grow we stumble through many of life is situations and others we glide through with expertise on the dance floor of life…..(or not) depending on the talents we were blessed with. or the lack thereof.  (Be sure to read the poem at the end)

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Then just as we grew into an adult, we start to revert back to childhood…. and again, we start to stumble and fall, just as we did when we were small. The difference is, our bones break because now they are old, brittle and porous. Yes, the dance of life is a difficult journey and some of the heartaches are unbearable. However, I think that most believe that “It is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all”.

In reflecting on the past year and so much incredible sadness, I ponder when we lose a child, like a loved one or a beloved pet, would we forfeit the experience of having held them and loved them so we did not have to experience the pain of losing them?

Although I angrily question why some of us are given children, only to have him or her taken away, I always end up with the same answer Although the pain of losing was and will always be unbearable, I would never want to have lived without the experience of loving such a precious spirit . so the answer would obviously be that a few precious years of loving that special person will leave incredible memories to help temper the incredible pain of losing them.

Therefore, we should never miss the chance to dance.

Do you have Dancing Feet?

I recently found a very insightful poem about dancing on the internet, written by a young lady, who describes herself as 19 years old, a hopeless romantic and only listing her name as Jessica S. What a beautiful poem Jessica has written so I share it with you today:

Dncing Feet

By Jessica S.

I wish I had the balance

To walk through life unscathed–

To walk high on my tippy-toes,

And never be afraid.


I wish that I were graceful

So I could dance with ease

Through trials and tribulations,

And never skin my knees.


I wish that I were elegant,

And flexible, and strong.

If I were things like that,

Then nothing ever could go wrong.


But I’m no ballerina,

I’m just your average klutz.

I trip over flat surfaces–

My knees are scarred with cuts.


I wish that I had someone

to help me walk with grace,

Who’d never let go of my hand,

Or throw me off my pace,


To help me keep my balance,

And kiss away the pain.

We’d dance through life together,

Through the sun or through the rain.

And with a dancing partner,

I know life would be so sweet.

Oh, how I wish I had another pair

Of dancing feet.