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I have heard numerous individuals state that they cannot buy an embroidery machine because they do not know how to sew.  To those individuals I say….you do not need to know how to sew in order to embroidery. The embroidery machine is automatic and once you hoop your fabric and load your design, you basically sit and watch it sew out and change the thread colors when the machine stops.


There are a variety of machines to choose from. You want to do your research. Your design results will be largely dependent on the quality of the machine you purchase. If you are going to spend money on a embroidery machine, you want one with the best warranty and the best quality for those dollars. I purchased my first Embroidery Machine, a Janome (then marketed under “New Home”) in the early 1990’s. It performed flawlessly for 18 years and never once had to go to the repair shop. Then the LED display went out. Two years ago I purchased a Janome 9500 simply because my last Janome lasted 18 years without any repairs. This Janome has a 25 year warranty on mechanical and 2 years on electrical. Janome has always been a work horse and has performed flawlessly for me. It is heavy duty for both regular sewing and embroidery. The hoop attaches easily and the operation is simple. Most dealers offer free lessons with the purchase of the machine. The only downside to Janome is they have little to no customer service but in asking several dealers, it appears all companies have extremely poor if non-existent customer service. Before you buy, ask for demonstrations for ease of use, ease of attaching the hoop, and warranties.  Machine embroidery will far outlast the item the design was put on because it is very durable.  I love the fact that I can personalize my home and wardrobe with designs I love to look at and wear.