Free Machine Embroidery Thanksgiving Cross and blog on Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

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My heart has ached for the mother who posted a quilt on the Sew Forum with a picture of her son and I could barely read through my tears as she stated, œI lost my son in Afghanistan. My heart ached because he will no longer be at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other family gathering. Through tear soaked eyes I asked myself, why does this have to happen? Why does mankind always have the need for greed and the need to control? Why does one sect of mankind feel the need to force their particular beliefs on someone else and insist that they comply or be killed for their opposition? Why can’t we just live in this world and let others live the way they want as well?

I pondered that beginning with Christ, who sacrificed his life on the cross for us, each of our fathers, others, sons and daughters who have lost their lives, fighting for our freedom, have also sacrificed their lives so that we might live in freedom. Thus, the below complimentary design signifies the Thanks in Thanksgiving for all those you have sacrificed so that we might live…and live in freedom.

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Unfortunately, throughout history there has been an element in mankind that has the need to be in control and they can be predatory, cruel and vicious. Like the devastating previous wars, hatred of certain beliefs resulted in 9 11. Because of 9 11, Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers are still losing their loved ones on foreign soil. It matters not where in this big world all these wonderful young men and women call home, be they British, Canadian, Australian, European, American, Israeli, or from any other continent , our wonderful allies came to America’s aid. These wonderful humans are someone’s Mother, Father, Sister Brother, Son or Daughter, and they are loved. When they die when they give the ultimate sacrifice and their loved ones suffer tremendously. Anyone who has lost a child knows that you never get over the loss of a child . They are your flesh and blood and a part of you dies with them.

Therefore, this Thanksgiving, let us pause to thank our military members, wherever they may be from, who have and will continue to sacrifice their lives so that we might live in freedom. Let us also give thanks to families of those fallen military members, who have to face each day knowing that their loved one will not return. Many of us will be missing a loved one from the dinner table this Thanksgiving… as well as all the other Holidays. Let us each pray that each will heart will heal from these devastating losses.