Blog on turning Photographs and Painted Pictures to Thread Art

How does an embroidery design come to fruition?

There is a lot more to an Embroidery Design than just downloading it to your machine.  It is an interesting sequence when I undertake to create a design.   I  ponder what the theme will be but then consider the number of stitches a complex design would entail.  I calculate the size it should be and what item of clothing or decorative item around the home it would be embroidered on.  Many of my ideas come from paintings I have done through the years.  Many come from photographs.  Some come from free and purchased clipart.  Regardless of the source, the idea must be manually digitized into a program that will convert that digitized design into a format that can be imported into an embroidery machine.

For instance, from a painting of Pouty in her claw tooth tub which I painted several years ago, I digitized and then turned it into an embroidery design.  You know, Pouty loves her flouncy hat and will not remove it, even when bathing! Pouty can be found under Bear Affair.

PAINTING                                                                   DIGITIZED SCREEN SHOT                                           SEWOUT


Then we have beautiful Kaike a/k/a Keiki, our four legged child,  from a picture pose to a thread caricature. Kaike can be found under Cats Meow.

PHOTOGRAPH                                                                         DIGITIZED SCREEN SHOT                                         SEWOUT


My  husband has given some of our “children” Hawaiian names. We have several children, some of them four-legged. Although as parents we know we are not to pick favorites, let’s face it….we love them all but some are just “special”. And so it is with Keiki, aka Kaike. Kaike sucks her tail….yes, the last 3 inches of her tail is hazel colored, she having sucked the color out. As you can see, she sits on my lap and sucks her tail while I rub her tummy. Beautiful Kaike posed for and now is, caricatured in thread!

From a painting of Happy Bluebird parents, with hoop size limitations, comes the thread art version. The Bluebirds can be found under Bird Tweets.

PAINTING                                                                    DIGITIZED SCREEN SHOT                                     SEW OUT

Digitizers such as myself try very hard to make a quality design that will sew out with minimal jump stitches so that you can have a design that you will be proud to display, wear or gift.

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