Free Pet Rescue designs


Embroidery Affair holds the copyright to all embroidery designs it permits to be downloaded free of charge. The design are intended to be used to make items to be donated to animal rescue gift shops and charities. THE SHELTER GIFT SHOP & CHARITIES MAY SELL THE DONATED DESIGNS TO GENERATE FUNDS FOR THE CARE OF THE ANIMALS.

They can also be used on T-shirts and other clothing or decorative items to remind the public of how critical it is to Adopt. However, these designs are NOT PERMITTED to be used on items to be sold at craft markets, bazaars or internet sites. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of these designs or any portion of them, by email or any other means, is strictly prohibited.

These two designs  are low stitch count and sew up quickly making them PERFECT for Dog neck kerchiefs to be sold at the local shelter gift and thrift shops.

The below Memory Ribbons were designed as free downloads for those who rescue four legged babies. Although on your machine the designs show in burgundy, they can be sewn with “rainbow” or varigated thread to remind everyone of the Rainbow Bridge story :

Considering a Pet Portrait?

Armed Forces Day is on May 21, 2011. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of May each year. It honors the men and women in the military services. Prior to 1950 when the celebrations were combined, the Army, Navy and Air Force each held their own.

Pet Portrait embroidery
Memorial Day is May 30. Let us not forget. We are free because of our brave military members. Not everyone understands the sacrifices made by Military families. Not only does the service member give up all the comforts of home and make incredible sacrifices when they are deployed overseas, but the spouse and family members left behind have to maintain some assemblance of family life for the children whose parent is gone. Parents and siblings suffer continual stress worrying about the safety of their deployed soldier. These designs have been made as a tribute to our military members. We are all many shades of skin color, eye color and body design. Regardless of our “make and model”, we all love our Freedom and that is given to us by our great military. My hope is that you will sew it out for yourself, for your children, for your grandchildren and for military neighbors and family members. Frame it or wear it, it speaks the truth as to how this Nation became free and remains free. The design is NOT for sale nor is it to be sold on sewn items. However, please feel free to sew it many times and give it freely to honor our great military.
Donkey embroidery

Osito is a beloved miniature pony. Although his face is extremely dark, he is blind in one eye and the photograph shows no eye, we were able to show an eye and add a little spark to the embroidery design of the little minature pony.