Free Patriotic Designs

My husband requested a design with an eagle and a shield, to honor the individual branches of the military and show the motto for each branch. My husband is retired Air Force, his father was retired Army and served with the Alamo Scouts in new Guinea and PBS made a documentary and interviewed him and other living Alamo Scouts. Several Aunts, Uncles and a nephew also served in various branches so there is a 5×7 for each branch. My research came up with various mottos and sometimes several in one branch of the service so I choose the one “most used”. It appears that only the Marines stick with the Latin “Semper Fi” for Always Faithful so Marines are in Latin….everyone else in English. To those you make Quilts of Valor, please feel free to use these designs. They were designed in honor of our military members…..and their families who also make many sacrifices.

I sewed out the Air Force (of course) and the rest are screen shots of the same eagle, with the motto for the particular branch.

These patriotic designs honoring each of our armed forces are digitized to go on knit fabrics, i.e., T-shirts, IF you follow the instructions for putting a heavy design on T-shirts in my previous blog.

Based on my research and

experiments, using the Pellon Ek130 Easy-Knit fusible knit interfacing and underlining adhered to the T-shirt prior to embroidery, has proven to provide a very nice sewout on knits.

Armed Forces Day is on May 21, 2011. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of May each year. It honors the men and women in the military services. Prior to 1950 when the celebrations were combined, the Army, Navy and Air Force each held their own.

Memorial Day is May 30. Let us not forget. We are free because of our brave military members. Not everyone understands the sacrifices made by Military families. Not only does the service member give up all the comforts of home and make incredible sacrifices when they are deployed overseas, but the spouse and family members left behind have to maintain some assemblance of family life for the children whose parent is gone. Parents and siblings suffer continual stress worrying about the safety of their deployed soldier.

These designs have been made as a tribute to our military members. We are all many shades of skin color, eye color and body design. Regardless of our “make and model”, we all love our Freedom and that is given to us by our great military. My hope is that you will sew it out for yourself, for your children, for your grandchildren and for military neighbors and family members. Frame it or wear it, it speaks the truth as to how this Nation became free and remains free. The design is NOT for sale nor is it to be sold on sewn items. However, please feel free to sew it many times and give it freely to honor our great military.