Free Machine Embroidery Design and Blog to Beware of Boo Bees

As you Ladies know, Halloween is coming upon us and I am posting this Blog to alert you about a Pinching Insect, known as the Boo Bee.

Boo Bees are everywhere. They come in various sizes, weights, colors and they are everywhere……Yes, they are even in Hawaii. My Sister experienced the pinch of a Boo Bee when snorkeling in Hanauma Bay….Yes…They can even attack underwater.

This sneaky little Oriental Boo Bee came swimming very rapidly and before my sister knew it, the Oriental Boo Bee had grabbed both her Boobs with his large hands and “mouthed”  BOO BEE!

It is so fortunate that we were not in very deep water as we might have drowned as my sister stood up so rapidly, with such a shocked look on her face, and then commenced to demonstrate the heinous act of the Boo Bee by demonstrating the “pinch”  she experienced on me!

Be aware!  They don’t just come out at Halloween. They disguise themselves in all types of facades to take advantage of the unsuspecting and, in October, they disguise themselves as ghosts so they can shout BOOBEE as they do their Grab n Run!

Therefore, I made one so that you can be aware what to look for. It is a public service to recognize this pinching insect so the download is free so you can be aware of this Sneaky Insect!

Download Free Design:Boobee