FREE Machine Embriodery Design for the Fall and Blog on Digitized Design Conversions

Fall is a time when Mother Nature changes the colors of the landscape to a myriad of beautiful yellows, golds, oranges and reds. Mother Nature knows exactly what to do and what color each species should be.

Conversely, when a design is digitized on certain software, the color palettes for various thread manufacturers can be chosen to use for the design. Regardless of the thread color pallet chosen by the digitizer, the colors will be controlled by your embroidery machine manufacturer’s format, since each manufacturer of embroidery machines has their own format –the format being the language your embroidery machine understands, i.e., JEF, PES, HUS, etc.–.

We embroidery machine owners know, we cannot interchange formats on our machines and any design must be converted to the format of the embroidery machine we own.

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For example, Janome (JEF) has a very large palette, containing 100 plus colors. HUS has somewhere around 28 colors and PES formats appears to have under 60 colors. When a digitizer is using Janome Digitizing software, there are a large number of colors at their disposal. Then, when saving to the three major formats, JEF, PES, and HUS, if a Cardinal Red color is used and PES and HUS do not have that color, the computer will guess at which color, in its own palette, is close. Sometimes the guesses are close. Most of the time, the guesses are way off. For instance, Dark Brown in Janome sometimes will become Green when converted into a PES format.

If you download a DST design, be aware that the DST format holds no color information whatsoever…. so the computer will use a default palette, guessing at any color where there is a color stop. If you have ever downloaded a design only available in DST, you are well aware that it can be next to impossible to determine any color of the design without a thread chart/thread legend. Even then, my experience has been that the thread chart is missing several colors and customers usually end up deleting the design, having wasted their money since it is impossible to figure out the colors on complex heavy thread count designs.

Normally, digitizers will post or include a Thread Chart listing the color numbers and/or color chip of the various colors used in the design. It is important that you print off this thread chart so that you can closely match the colors used. If you do not match the colors used by the digitizer, you are not going to get the same looking design, since using different colors will result in different blending and changed looks of the overall design.

I have not seen a digitizing programs that uses  Coates and Clark embroidery thread so Embroidery Affair has attempted to match the Coates and Clark thread palette to the Janome thread palette and the conversion chart is downloadable, in PDF format on this website, under Thread storage and Conversion Charts.   Coates and Clark is a good quality polyester embroidery thread and is readily available at most sewing stores.

And, as a final note, since the holidays are approaching, each of us should be mindful of our wonderful Military members who sacrifice so much for our freedom and who do not get to enjoy those wonderful Thanksgiving dinners with their families. Take a Moment and GIVE THANKS to them. After all, it is because of them that we have all the freedoms we enjoy!