Free Machine Embroidery Holly with Bow

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December is a busy time preparing for the wonderful holiday and gift giving. There are few gifts more special than those which are specifically created for a loved one or friend.  After giving thought to what our loved one wants or desires, creating that personalized gift is the utmost gift.  Far too much emphasis is placed on merely running to the store and buying a gift because that is the “expected’ thing to do.  If gifts were carefully “thought” about, there would be no need for all those long return lines where people take back your gift and trade it for what they really want.  Most people love a gift that is made specifically made just for them.  Nothing is more appreciated than a personalized Gift.  For instance, embroider their name on a set of towels or a set of kitchen towels.  Make that gift special by doing the embroidery design of things our receiver loves, be it cats, dogs or pigs.

Give a gift of love and make something special this year, rather than just fulfilling an implied obligation by just buying something. Make it special by personalizing it with embroidery designs. It will be a keepsake and remembered for many years to come