Free Machine Embroidery for St. Patrick, and Blog about Ides of March

The shamrock, which looks like clover, has 3 leaves per stem. According to legend, Saint Patrick brought religion to the Irish people. He taught them that the shamrock was representative of the Trinity in that there are three diving beings in one God, i.e. the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Although the legend … Read more

Free Embroidery School Book Character and Blog to Celebrate the start of School and Abolish Labor Day

book embroidery design

How were Holidays established? As I grew up and the years passed, I think of Holidays as merely a day off from work and a time for Barbeques. However, rarely do most of us know why, how, or what caused a Holiday to be established. Therefore, I felt it appropriate  we learn a  history Lesson … Read more

Free machine embroidery of Twitterpated Birds and Blog about Twitterpation

APRIL ;  THE MONTH FOR TWITTERPATION! I see the Mocking birds hopping on the fence and dancing up and down doing a dance you do not see them perform in the summer or winter. I look out the window and see the cardinals carelessly hopping around on the grass, chasing each other and being totally … Read more

Free Embroidery Stick Ballerina for your Dancing Feet.

beautiful ballerina embroidery design

There are many songs about life and dancing. One particular song comes to mind. Life is a Dance you Learn as you Go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. As a result, we have to learn to walk before we can dance. We fall many times as infants when learning this new way of mobility. … Read more

Free Embroidery Heart Design and Blog about Love

Download Free Heart WHAT IS LOVE? How do we define love? Just what is love?  Most of us have experienced a feeling of strong emotion for something or someone.  The question is….  is it love?  Love is certainly a complicated subject.  It appears to be multi-sensation; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, which tingles your very … Read more

Free Machine Embroidery Thanksgiving Cross and blog on Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

embroidery cross

My heart has ached for the mother who posted a quilt on the Sew Forum with a picture of her son and I could barely read through my tears as she stated, œI lost my son in Afghanistan. My heart ached because he will no longer be at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other family gathering. … Read more

Free Machine Embroidery Rose design and Blog on Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day rose embroidery

Do you know that Mother’s Day was championed by a woman who was never married and never had children?  History tells us that the founder of Mother’s Day was Anna Jarvis, a school teacher. Anna wanted to honor her deceased mother Ann, who had unsuccessfully attempted to establish Mothers Friendship Days.  She wanted Mothers Friendship … Read more

Free Embroidery Snowflake and Dedication to my Sister for her Loss

snowflake embroidery

The pain of losing a child can only be completely understood by the parents of that child.  Losing loved ones is painful, but to lose a son or daughter is a pain that never heals.  A Mother’s anguish is especially hard since that child developed in her womb and grew from her flesh and blood. … Read more

Free Machine Embroidery Nativity Scene & Blog on Christmas Legends

Pray embroidery designs

SOME LEGENDS ABOUT CHRISTMAS Legends abound about most things and many are abundant and conflicting. Some are familiar, some or not, but it is always interesting to look back at history and reflect on how traditions developed from the various parts of the world. Regardless of our beliefs, we are all shaped in some way … Read more